Test Dive is one of the largest test conferences organized so far in Poland. The lectures are focused on Testing, Automation, Security, Agile, IoT, DevOps, Machine Learning – each of them are initiating interesting discussions related to the quality and testing of software.  Its overarching goal is to integrate the test enthusiasts with scientific community and the business by meeting and creating space for open discussions and exchange of experiences. Upcoming 3rd edition will take place on 22nd October 2019 in Kraków at Multikino Venue (ul. Dobrego Pasterza, 30-962 Kraków, Poland), where approx. 1,000 people will gather for one day to have a chance to exchange ideas, get inspiration, broaden knowledge, and network.

Petra Boušková, Karol Przystalski and Daniel Kornaś are among our speakers for 2019 Conference! Full list and agenda will be published soon.

The conference may be attended by everyone, especially by students, professionals and all passionates who are involved in the subjects of the conference, representatives of academics and business, as well as the partners.

We cannot wait to meet you all!